Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nakshatra predictions - Satha Bishta (male)

These predictions are based on birth nakshatra (Star) . A nakshatra is calcualted from the moon's longitude during birth. In birth chart / jathaka this is denoted. The given predictions are for male horoscopes.

1. Physical features: He will have a soft body, excellent memory power, wide forehead, attractive eyes, bright countenance, prominent nose and bulged abdomen. He would appear to belong to a aristocratic family at the first sight itself

2. Character and general events: He is of the type "Satyameva Jayate". He will not hesitate to sacrifice his own life for upholding the truth. As he is born with certain principles, he has to quite often confront with others as he cannot deviate from his principles of life. Selfless service is his motto. He insists on following the religious traditions. He is also of the adamant type. Once he takes a decision it is not easy for others to change his decision. While he is very intelligent and efficient in most of the walks of life, he is very soft in his heart. He is the mixture of good and bad

When he is provoked, he will rise like a bulldog, but that anger is soon subsided. As he does not believe in pomp and show, he has a feeling of shyness to exhibit his talents. However, his talents will be unearthed due to his interesting and attractive conversation, which will be highly instructive and educative

3. Education, sources of income/profession: Period upto 34 years of age will be a trial some period in his profession field. Period after 34 years will be the period of constant progress. He is highly suited for the practice of astrology, psychology and healing arts. His literary capacity and greatness will come to limelight even when he is very young. He is capable of acquiring very fine and high education. This Nakshatra has produced eminent doctors and research fellows in medicines

4. Family life: Generally he has to face a lot of problems from his dear and near ones. Even then, he always extents his helping hand to his near and dears even without asking for such help. It has been noticed that native has to undergo maximum mental agony due to his brothers. He cannot also enjoy much benefit from his father, whereas full love and affection is derived from his mother

It has also been found that he is not capable of leading a happy married life. In some cases, when there is severe affliction of Saturn and Jupiter, it has been found that the native remains a chronic bachelor throughout his life. While on the one hand he does not enjoy happy married life, his wife will have all the good qualities that are expected of a companion.

5. Health: Outwardly he may appear to have very good health but it is not like that. He cannot tolerate even the slightest affliction to the body. He is prone to urinary diseases, breathing trouble and diabetics. As he is too much inclined in the sexual pleasures, he may have sexually transmitted diseases. Even though he may keep illicit relationship with other females it will be kept a secret from all. He may have problems with his jaws. He is also liable to suffer from colic troubles and must take precautions to protect himself from the diseases incidental to exposure to cold weather.

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