Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nakshatra predictions - Moola (male)

These predictions are based on birth nakshatra (Star) . A nakshatra is calcualted from the moon's longitude during birth. In birth chart / jathaka this is denoted. The given predictions are for male horoscopes.

1. Physical features: He has good physical appearance. He will have beautiful limbs and bright eyes. He will be the most attractive person in his family

2. Character and general events: He has a very sweet nature and is a peace loving person. He has a set principle in his life. There is a general fear about the persons born in Moola Nakshatra. It isn't like that always. He can stand against any adverse tidal wave. He has the capacity to penetrate that wave and reach the destination

He is not bothered about tomorrow nor he is very serious about his own matters. He keeps all the happenings in the hands of god and become prey to optimism

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: He does not keep control of the balance of receipt and payment resulting in debt. He is the type of person who renders advice to others but not capable of keeping the same principles for his own use. This peculiar characteristic generally fits them for the profession of financial advise or religious advice

Since he is skilled in several fields there will be frequent changes of profession or trade but stability in this direction seems to be a very rare phenomenon. Because of this inherent quality of frequent changes he is always in need of money. Moola born have a peculiar characteristic of mixing with his friends. It is quite natural that when expenditure is more than income and the native is not ready to earn anything by illegal mode the balance will always be in the negative. Hence it is advisable that he must keep away such friends and while he believes that all that is taking place on the earth is due to the blessings of HE, he should also try to be a little selfish and find a way to improve the inflow of income

Out of all the28 Nakshatras, I have come to a conclusion that these are the people who devote their entire energy with utmost sincerity to their employers as also to any persons who have kept faith or trust in Moola born. A deep study of the life of these persons has revealed some facts about their separate entity than other Nakshatra born i.e. some sort of internal force or some external force is briefing the natives in all the work they undertake

He earns his livelihood in a foreign place. It is advisable that he must, as far as possible, try to get an opportunity either in the professional field or in the business field in a foreign land or country as he cannot have good luck in the native place; whereas he can have much better success in a foreign land.

As already mentioned above, he is capable of shining in all walks of life, particularly i the field of fine arts, as a writer and in the social work

4. Family life: Excepting a few cases, it is seen that Moola born cannot have any benefit from his parents whereas he is all self-made. His married life will be more or less satisfactory. He gets a spouse with all the requisite qualities expected from a good wife

5. Health: Probable problems he will be affected with are tuberculosis, isnofelia, paralytic attack or stomach problem. Whatever may be the nature of disease it will not be visible in his appearance or face as even when he is critically ill, his expression and the attraction of the face will not change. Normally it is seen that the native is not in the habit of taking care of his own health. With the result, some severe health problems can be noticed in his 27th, 31st, 44th, 48th, 56th and 60th age

Once he is addicted to any drug it will be very difficult to control such addiction. Hence it must try to keep away from any material of intoxication.

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