Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Five important porthams for marriage

The following Nakshatra poruthams are considered important in the list of 10 porutham. These are,

1. Rachu / rajju / Mangalya / sumangali porutham (For the long life of husband)
2. Dhina porutham (For Overall happy life without disease and poverty)
3. Gana porutham (For General auspiciousness)
4. Yoni porutham (For Physical or sexual compatibility)
5. Mahendra porutham (For children / progeny)

These 5 poruthams are considered important. So try to get a horoscope with all these matches for a happy marriage life.


  1. sir,
    can you please tell me the porutham of girl makam(16-03-1992,6:50pm)and boy aswathy(15-06-1993,8:30pm)as possible,if there is any problem please tell me the solution for that..
    thanku sir...

  2. What's is meant bt aga porutham

  3. If nadi porutham is not there then can we go ahead for marriage. What is the significance of nadi porutham.

  4. Is it OK if der no yoni and mahendra porthum ..??

  5. Is it ok if there is no yoni and vasiya porutham


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