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About Seventh house and planets in kalathra sthana

What is kalathra bhava / 7th house in a horoscope?

The 7th house of a birth horoscope / jathakam represents the spouse. The following predictions are given for various ascending lagna from mesha to meena.

1. Mesha Lagna

For Aries ascendants the 7th house is thula (libra). Wives of aries born are capable of leading the family. She won’t accept husband’s interference in her duties. There will be minor troubles and fights between the couple. One of the couple will accept marriage partnership only after having done all planning for after married life. Aries born will show interest in dance, music and other arts.
If venus (sukra) aspects Jupiter (Guru) wife will be beautiful (For female aries husband will be beautiful). If a malefic aspects Jupiter there will be arbitrations and small legal cases.

2. Rishabh lagna
Vrischik (Scorpio) is the seventh house for Taurus lagna born people. The husband should yield all responsibilities to the wife. Otherwise there will be misunderstanding between the couples. For rishab lagna persons wife will die before husband. If mars (Mangal / sevvai) occupies the lagna in birth chart the native will get dowry from the bride during marriage. If mars gets aspect from guru or sukra the wife will be courageous and hardworking. If mars gets aspect from Rahu, Sani (Saturn), surya (sun) the wife is always ready to fight the husband.

3. Mithun lagna
Danush (Sagittarius) is the kalasthra bhava for Gemini ascendants. One of the couple will give-up something during the marriage. That may be a religious belief or their own principles. Some will change their religion, some will have love marriage. They will be missing something in life. But they are law fearing. If Guru gets aspect from sukra, budha the native will donate money to charity. He/she will be luckier. Otherwise if guru gets aspect from Saturn, sun or mars it will create poverty and debts.

4. Kadaka lagna
Makara (Capricorn) is the 7th house for Cancer ascendants. Their wives will be careful in nature. She won’t speak much. Some will experience problems in profession or job. If Saturn gets aspect from benefic planets the wife will be talented, royal, respectful and hardworking. If it gets aspects from raku, kethu or mars she will be lazy, diseased and problematic.

5. Simma lagna
Kumbam (Aquarius) is the seventh house for Leo ascendants. There will be good understanding between husband and wife. If kumbha rashi or Saturn gets aspect from guru or sukra there will be good deeds. Otherwise if it is aspected by rahu,kethu or mars there will be problems. If Saturn is powerful there will be problems for this lagna.

6. Kanni lagna
Meenam (Pisces) is the 7th bhava for Virgo ascendants. The marriage of kanni lagna person will be on some condition based or other specific reason. There will be minor worries for husband or wife. If there is any planets in the twelfth house there will be problems. Husband or wife will get some mystic power or involved in some religious group. Wife may have knowledge of music.

7. Thulam
Mesha (Aries) is the 7th house for Libra ascendants. Wife will involve in some matters prohibited by the husband. If venus is powerful than mars there will be no problems. If mars gets aspect from guru, sukra there will be rogue character and lack of esteem.

8. Vrishikam
Rishabh (Taurus) is the 7th for Scorpio ascendants. The wife will be rich. There will a happier life after marriage. If sukra is affected we can predict this. If 2nd house Sagittarius is occupied by malefic family will suffer. Husband or wife will always have and deal with money. If venus gets aspect from Guru or Mercury the wife will be beautiful. The wife will wear good and fashionable garments.

9. Danush lagna
Mithun (Gemini) is the 7th house for Sagittarius ascendants. If Mercury is weak or debilitated there will be late marriage. They will first refuse to marry and will marry later. There are possibilities of marriage with in relation. Education will play some role in marriage. It is not favorable to have malefic in 3rd house. If mercury is well place wife will earn money for the native. If mercury is afflicted wife will suffer from memory loss.

10. Makaram
Katakam (Cancer) is the 7th house for Capricorn ascendants. Even though there is no understanding between the bride and groom marriage will take place to satisfy the parents and elders. The wife will be virtuous and take care of the family. If Saturn occupies the fourth house there will be poverty. There will be prosperity at later stage in life. Will try to purchase house or land and will get it in later part of life. If Saturn gets aspects from guru, sukra there will be no sufferings. Otherwise if it gets aspect from mars, raku, kethu there will be many problems.

11. Kumbam
Simmham (Leo) is the 7th house for Aquarius ascendants. Simha is a dry rasi. The husband will not be satisfied with his wife. But she will have many virtues and good character. They won’t give up self esteem. There will be interests in cinema, dance, drama and other arts.
If sun gets aspect from benefic there will be happiness in all sorts of activities.

12. Meenam
Kanni (Virgo) is the 7th house for Pisces ascendants. Wife will have weak body. She will fall ill frequently.
Wife may be from relation. If Rahu/kethu occupies lagna marriage will be outside of relation.
If mercury gets aspect from benefic the wife will be illiterate and cautious.
If mercury gets aspect from malefic she won’t speak much, and will comment on others mistakes.

Prediction for Planets at 7th house:

Sun in seventh house:
If sun occupies 7th house in natal horoscope the native will have wife from eastern direction. The native will work as an officer in government. He will have early marriage during the age of 22-25. After marriage the native will be raised in profession. If sun is placed at 7th house or aspect 7th house he will become rich after marriage. He will still be humble and quiet. But his wife will have anger and bad qualities.

This applicable only to simma and kumbha lagna and not to mesha and thula lagna
For mesha ascendants Sun is debilitated at 7th house libra. And for thula sun will be exalted at mesha.
For kumbha lagna people if sun aspect or placed in 7th house he will have many yogas. In the same time for Mesha and thula lagna sun should not be placed or aspect 7th house.

Chandra in 7th house:
If moon becomes 7th lord or placed in 7th house or aspect 7th house the natives wife will be virgin and will bear her husband. Those who got moon at 7th house are luckier. The wife will not break the husbands law. Husband and wife will be made for each other.
For viruchika lagna if moon is placed at Taurus or aspect it there will be benefic results.
For danush, kumbha and simma lagna moon have rulership of 6th 8th and 12th bhavas. For these natives if moon is placed at 7th house the marriage life will be severely affected. If 7th lord is conjoined with venus the same effects will prevail.

Mars in 7th house:

If mars is posited at lagna, 7th house or 12th house the married life of native will be nothing. He/she will gain no happy from marriage.

If mars is conjoined with jupiter or saturn or aspected by them the bad effects will be reduced.

If water signs Aquarius, Pisces becomes 7th house and mars is posited at the bad effects will be reduced.

Mars is exalted at capricorn. If it becomes 7th house and mars occupies that house it is good. Mars becomes yogakaraka for kataka lagna and will do good.

For Capricorn lagna Cancer (kataka) is the 7th sign and mars is debiliated here. So mars won't do good. Due to it is water sign the bad effect will be less.

For Aquarius and Pisces lagna if mars occupies 7th its not good unless conjoined / aspected by jupiter or saturn.

Mercury in kalathra sthana:

For happy and pleasant life Mercury should be placed at seventh house. He/she will have highly educated spouse. She will have interests in beautiful garments. Interests in dance and song will be there.

For those having mercury in 7th house wife will be from north direction and from relation. She will be god-fearing and intelligent. She will have no shortage of money.

Jupiter in kalashtra bhava

If jupiter occupies seventh house the spouse will have land, house and vehicle facilities. She/he will be god-fearing and law abiding.

Guru should not be debiliated and should not be conjoined or aspect by sani, rahu,kethu.

For thula lagna guru becomes lord of 3rd and 6th house and lagna lord mars is enemy to venus. So jupiter should not be in 7th house or lagna.

For rishab lagna guru should not be in 7th house. Married life will not be peaceful.

For makara lagna guru is lord of 3 and 12 and he won't do good for this lagna. He is exalted at 7th and won't do bad either.

For Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants if guru is posited at lagna or 7th house the will have more than one marriage.

Venus at 7th house

Venus should not be posited at 7th house. Being Kalathra karaka if venus occupies 7th house there will be illicit and extramarital relationship.

Venus is enemy to sun. So if they conjoin or aspect there will be bad effects in married life.

If saturn conjoins venus the native will have illicit relations.

Saturn in 7th house:

Saturn should not be posited in lagna and thus aspect the 7th house.

If saturn occupies 7th house joint family is not advisable. If it occupies 7th one can not expect properties from wife.

Rahu in 7th house

Rahu don't have own house. So rahu will give the results of the lord of his house.

Suppose Mesha becomes 7th house and rahu is placed there. Rahu will give the result of mars as mars is lord of Mesha.

If rahu is at Rishaba he will give the results of venus as venus is lord of Taurus.

If rahu occupies 7th there is possibility of late marriage.

Kethu at 7th house:

If kethu occupies 7th house there is doubt about natives marriage. He may become a brahmachari / Monk / sanniyai as kethu is gyana karaka.

if Saturn aspect or conjoin kethu at 7th house there will no marriage to the native.

If Venus aspect or conjoin kethu marriage will take place.

If mercury conjoin kethu at 7th there will be love marriage.


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