Monday, July 27, 2009

Good and Bad Nakshatras

Here is a short briefing on Moolam, Pooradam and Aayilyam stars. While considering the horoscopes with these nakshatra constellation as birth stars there are many beliefs about the fortunes and misfortunes of these nakshatras.


Moolam nakshatra is considered a bad nakshatra. Because there is belief that if you marry a girl with Moolam as birth nakshatra you father will severely suffer. So many girls born in this star find it difficult to get a boy. So this nakshatra itself is considered a dosha. In Tamil there is a proverb ‘Aan Moolam Arasalum, Penn Moolam Nirmoolam’. The meaning is if boy is born in Moola nakshatra he will be a king, if the girl is born in that nakshatra it is total destruction. But contrary to this belief all Moolam born boys are not kings and all Moolam born girls are not suffering badly.

The day and night time are ruled by Surya and Chandra respectively. When a persons born in Moola nakshatra during day time he/she will enjoy a prosperous life equal to that of a king. Those born during night time in Moola nakshatra will suffer severely. This is another school of belief.

The remedy for this dosha is find a matching boy with out father. For Moolam boy find a girl without father.

If the boy’s father’s ascendant lagna is one of Dhanush, Mesha, Makara, Kanya or Simha this dosha is cancelled.

The 3rd house is the house of father-in-law for girl/boy. If this house is occupied by rahu/kethu this is dosha.


Pooradam also is considered bad / inauspicious. This is not true in all cases. The child born in pooradam 1st quarter (padham) will affect its father. The child born in pooradam 2nd quarter will affect its mother. The child born in pooradam 3rd quarter will affect itself. The child born in pooradam 4th quarter will affect its maternal uncle. If the birth jathaka is powerful these bad effects will be nullified or cancelled.

If a girl born in Pooradam as 3rd child to her parents or a boy born in pooradam as 4th child to his parents, this will affect the maternal uncle.


It is considered that girls born in this star will make suffering to her mother-in-law.

But, Aayilyam 1st quarter is good / auspicious

Aayilyam 2nd quarter will make property loss

Aayilyam 3rd quarter afflicts the mother

Aayilyam 4th quarter afflicts the father.

If the girl is born in Aayilyam find a Moolam boy. This cancels the dosha.


In my view we should not stress much on ‘nakshatra porutham’ for marriage compatibility. Instead the horoscopes of the two should be analyzed thoroughly. Particularly the 2nd house (dhana Bhava), 7th house (kalathra bhava), 8th house (aayur bhava) and 10th house (Jeevana Bhava). I will write separate articles on these house matters and methods of finding good horoscopes.

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