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Sun dasa - sun bukthi

The Period of Sun Dasa is 6 years. The first antardasa / bukthi is that of sun. The period of sun bukthi is 3 months 18 days. If sun is placed in kendra, trikona positions and also in friendly / ruling /exalted sign - rashi and also get thristi from benefic planets the native will get benefits from the government, his political ambitions will be fulfilled. He will acquire name, fame and wealth during this period.

Otherwise if sun is badly posited, i.e. in the enemic, debilitated sign, aspected by malefics saturn, rahu and ketu all his endeavors will fail. Unexpected and unwanted will happen.

During the dasa of sun the houses signified by the sun (the house ruled by sun, the house occupied by the sun, the house of the lord of the sign occupied by the sign) will be activated. For example, for mesha lagna the sun is the lord of 5th house. So during sun dasa the fifth house matters, like children, fame and name will be experienced by the native.

The sun is Exalted in the sign Aries at 10 deg, Debilitated in Libra at 10 deg and get mooltrikona in Leo from 0-20 deg.

The sun is friend of Moon, Mars and Jupiter. Enemy of Venus and Saturn. Sun is neutral to Mercury.

The sun rules the sign simha / Leo and the direction east. In human body in rules bones, in social status sun is the king, sun is masculine in gender. Sun belongs to Kshatriya caste and rules the soul.

Physical attributes of the sun:
The sun has a square build, scanty but curly hair, lovely appearance, good intelligence, impressive voice, medium stature, red eyes, dark red complexions, strong bones, bilious nature, firm temperament and saffron robes.

The sun is benefic to Mesha, Rishaba, Simha and Danush lagna / ascendants. Sun is malefic to Mithuna, Tula and Meena ascendants. Sun is maraka (death inflicting planet) to kumbha lagna native.


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