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Sun dasa - moon/chandra bukthi

Readings for Sun dasha-moon bukthi

During the antardasa of moon in the maha dasa of sun the native will get benefic results if the moon is well placed in kendra, trikona, ruling, exalted. He will defeat enemies, get maternal wealth, good agriculture produce, education, prosperity etc.

Otherwise if moon is in inimical sign, debilitated or posited at 6,8 12th bhava and aspected by malefics all his undertakings will fail. He will be afflicted by many diseases. Unnecessary expenses and losses will happen.

The moon is exalted in Taurus at 3 deg,debilitated in Scorpio at 3 deg and get moolatrikona bala in Taurus at 4 deg, 20 arc

The moon is friendlier to Sun and mercury, Enemy to none, Neutral to Mars, Jupiter, Venus and saturn. Moon is also naturally benefic planet. Moon rules the sign kadaka / cancer.

Moon is benefic to Kadaka, Vrischika and Meena lagna born people. It is malefic to Rishaba, Kanya, Makara and kumbha born people. Moon is maraka (death inflicting) to Mithuna / Gemini ascendants.

Moon represents watery places, north west direction and belongs to feminine gender. In social status moon is the king. Moon represents Mind. and belong to Vaishya caste.


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