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Pregnancy, Child birth and astrology

Pregnancy and child birth

If the transit of sun and venus be in Upachaya Rasis with strength with reference to the male partners nativity and occupy even navamsas, there is scope of pregnancy to be caused by the particular intercourse. Similar effects follow, if strong moon and strong Mars be in upachaya Rasis in transit with reference to the females horoscope and be in even navamsas. Alternatively Venus, Sun, Mars and moon should be in upachaya houses in own amsas, or jupiter be in lagna, fifth, or ninth with strength to cause pregnancy and child birth.

Sex of the child

If lagna, Moon, Jupiter and the sun be strong and be in male Rashis and male navamsas, birth of a male child be predicted. If they are in even rashis and even amsas we can predict a female child. If strong Jupiter (guru) and sun be in male rashis, male child will be born. Female child should be expected, if Venus, Moon and mars are in even rasis.

If Saturn is in Odd house other than lagna, a male child be born.

If the sun and jupiter be in Gemini, or Sagittarius in aspect to mercury, birth of two male children be predicted. Two female children will be born, if venus, mars and the Moon be in Pisces, or Virgo in aspect of mercury.


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