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How Menstruation happens astrologically

Female Menstruation and conception - Role of Moon

As a result of Moon's transit in Anupachaya Rasis and in aspect of Mars, a female obtains her mensus. The Moon is water and Mars is fire. Water produces blood and fire produces bile. Thus when blood is enraged by bile, the women gets her menstruation.

If the Moon is in Upachaya, it makes the menses defunct for conception. However, if the Moon in Upachaya is aspected by Jupiter, or her friends, or especially Venus, the women affectionately cohabits with the male. If the Moon is aspected by Mars, the female unites with a person other than husband. The sun, if aspecting the Moon, indicates a king, while saturn aspecting denotes a servant. Similar inferences should be made, if the Moon is aspected by malefics only, without aspect of benefics. If the Moon is aspected by malefics, like Mars, then the female gives up her home and becomes a prostitute.

The 7th house from Lagna at the time of copulation indicates the disposition of the couple. If there is a malefic aspect to the lagna at the time of copulation, the couple unites angrily and with quarrel. Should it be benefics aspect, then the sexual enjoyment will be as enumerated by Vatsyayana Maharshi. If there be both malefic and benefic aspects on the seventh house, the sexual act is mixed in nature. According to one's past deeds, to ripen its fruits the semen enters the womb and conception occurs.


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