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Guru Peyarchi - Jupiters Transit

Guru Peyarchi - Jupiter's Transit

In Joyotish, transit of planets from one house to another is considered important. This month of December 2009, the most benefic planet jupiter (Guru) goes to kumbha (Aquarius) from Makara (capricorn). Last month we saw the transit of rahu-ketu nodes. Rahu changed house from makara to Danush and ketu from simah to kadaka. And a month before saturn transit from simha (leo) to kanya (virgo). Generally these planets stay in any house for more than one year and their tranists are considered imporatnt because they result will be same for a long time either good or bad. So people pay great attention to these transits. Magazines and newspapers write much about the transit results. Special editions are published by news papers. Special poojas, pariharas and homas are performed to get benefits from the Grahas.

What ancient jyotish classic tell about these transits?

Ancient classics like parashara hora shastra written by maharshi parashara and kalayanavarama's saravali, and Brihat jataka mention little or none about the transit / Gochar effects. Only western astrologers give much important to planet transits. We (hindu astrologers) rely heavily on Dasa system (especially vimsothari dasa) for future predictions.

We use moon based "lunar system" for Gochar/Transit predictions. Birth rasi / moon sign is determined by the position of moon / chandra in a horoscope at the time of birth. For exmaple if you have moon in your birth horoscope at Rishaba / Taurus, your moon sign / birth rashi is Rishaba / Taurus.

I will write a seperate tutorial / lessons for Gochar / transit effect. Now we will see the results for Guru peyarchi / jupiter's transit breifly.

When jupiter occupies houses 2,5,7,9,11 from birth rashi the results will be good other wise bad.

for example, if your birth rashi is rishaba and jupiter occupies mithuna, kanya(libra) , Vrichika(Scorpio) , Makara(Capricorn) , Meena (Pisces) the result will be auspicious and good otherwise bad.

There are many other factors to be considered while determining transit results. Whether the rashi / sign is friendly/ruling/debiliation/exaltaion sign of the planet.

For example when jupiter is posited at 5th house (children) and aspected by saturn (sani) there will be troubles for children.

Jupiter in 1st bhava / house:

When jupiter is in your birth rashi / moon sign is not favorable for you. Jupiter is called 'Janma Guru'. Even if jupiter is benefic for your lagna / ascendant he will do some harms /ill effects. You should recite mantras for jupters on Thursdays to reduce the ill effects.

Jupiter in 2nd house:

When jupiter occupies second house from janma rashi you will get material benefits like money. Marriages can be performed and other auspicious things will happen.

Jupiter in 3rd house:

Inauspicious position, failures, fear, job loss, problems from servant, problems from superiors, problems between brothers, change in professions, transfer in jobs etc.

Jupiter in 4th house:

This position too is not good. Enemity in relations, uncomfortable for mother, unnecessary travels, expenses due to house, property, land and vehicle.

Jupiter in 5th house:

Gain of name and fame in society, celebrations due to children, good income even when expense is high, yathra / pilgrimage.

Jupiter in 6th house:

Struggles from enemies, debts and financial problems. Diseases and expense for medical treatment and doctors fees, sudden travels and health ailments.

Jupiter in 7th house:

Happiness to wife / husband, marriage and other auspicious functions, gain name fame and esteem. Gains from investments and deposits.

Jupiter in 8th house:

Enemity, quarrels, unnecessary struggles, health problems and medical expenses, problems in business / profession.

Jupiter in 9th house:

Promotion in job / profession, Gain in official status, visit pilgrimages and other good effects.

Jupiter in 10th house:

loss in business, labor problems in companies / factory, death in close relatives and other inauspicious effects.

Jupiter in 11th house:

Business success, promotion in jobs, purchase of new house, property / land and other good effects.

Jupiter in 12th house:

Expenses and losses, physical discomfort and health problems and other ill effects


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