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Case study 1

DOB:25/8/1968, Place:Calcutta (State:West bengal), Time:5-22 pm evening,Sunday.
Presently I am facing some uncontrollable hindrances in my service specially attitude of Superiors - when it would fade away?
I have a part pending in my higher education - when it would be complete?
Do I have any chance to do some business along with my service?
Could you recommend any gemstone for improvement? At present I am wearing a 50 cent white diamond since 1990.

Your birth lagna (ascendant) is Makara (Capricorn) and its lord is sani (Saturn). Your moon sign / rashi is simha (leo).

In astrology lagna and its lord is important. It determines the destiny of the individual. In your chart sani is the lord of lagna. The first thing we noted was that sani is debilated at 4th house. Debiliation means weakness / bereft of power. The lagna denotes the general well being of the Individual. The weak lagna can not do much good for the native. Fortunately Saturn is in retrogade motion which means the ill effects of debiliation is suppressed to some extent. The 4th lord Mars is also debilated. These planetary combination cause those mental anguish and constant restlessness / fearfeeling.

In a horoscope the 10th house denotes profession / career. In your horoscope the tenth lord sukra (venus) is in 8th house from lagna which is not a good placement. Your current Vimshottari Maha dasha is Guru (Jupiter), lord of 3rd and 12th houses which is not good placement. However Jupiter is a natural benefic planet which will bestow some good fortunes during its dasha. Professional obstacles will decrease after Jupiter major and minor periods, i.e after May 2011.

Regarding higher education the placement of 5th lord venus is not favorable as venus is placed in the constellation of surya which is 8th lord. This indicates that you will complete the education with struggles and obstacles. However the transit of sani is favorable to education.

Own business is not recommended for you. It will not be profitable. The tenth house and its lord is not favorable for business. You will be succesfull in job/service.

You can wear Yellow Saphire stone to get jupiter's blessings and benefits.

Case Study 2

My daughter has just began her 7 1/2 Sani. She is in University 3rd year I am curious to find out what will happen with her education and marriage.

We at AstroGuru research centre, analyzed your daughter's horoscope and came up with the following conclusions.

Your daughter's birth lagna (Ascendant) is Kumbha (Aquarius) ruled by saturn. The birth rashi is thula (libra). Saturn is 4th and 5th lord for Thula Rashi and Yogakaraka (highly beneficial) for this Rashi. Saturn Conjoins mercury and posited in Danush (Sagittarius) rashi and get the favorable aspect of Guru (Jupiter).

The 7.5 year period of Saturn has just stated and you have nothing to worry about this. This won't harm your daughter in any way as the placement of saturn and its nature (yogakaraka) makes clear that this period will not do harm, instead will be beneficial. This prediction is particular to this horoscope and not a generic one. The General prediction will tell this period will be bad as saturn is in 12th sign from rashi and will cause losses. But in your case saturn being lagna lord and benefic won't do evils.

Your daughter will complete her higher studies in flying colours and will get a good job. Regarding marriage, she will get a spouse from the same profession as your daughter's. The spouse will not be from relations, probably from a foreign land.

Current dasha is Rahu, and Rahu placed at 12 th house indicates foreign aquaintance and friendship and career.

Rahu placed at saturn's rashi indicates fond father-child relationship.

We conclude that your daughter has a bright and prosperous future, and we wish her all success in her endeavors.


  1. This is a beautiful and informative post. Keep it up dear. Vashikaran guru - Love Samrat


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