Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guru Peyarchi 2010 (Jupiter Transit)

Guru Peyarchi 2010 Predictions

The planet Jupiter / Guru Transits from Kumbha (Aquarius) rashi (sign) to Meena (Pisces) rashi on 21.11.2010 at 11.10 am according to vakhya panchanga. Vakhya panchanga is ancient method of calucalting planetary positions. Many temples in Tamilnadu follows vakhya panchang and there are poojas and pariharas.

Jupiter will occupy meena rashi until 8.5.2011 then jupiter will be in retrogade motion (opposite direction) and get back to kumbha (aquarius) on 21.11.2010 morning 6 O clock. (pooratathi 3rd pada). on 22.11.2010.

Now let us see what is the benefic and harmful position of guru. Jupiter will give favorable results when it occupies 2,5,7,9,11 houses from the janma rashi (moon sign at birth).

Jupiters ruling houses are Dhanush and meena. His enemy houses are Rishaba, Mithuna, Kanya and Thulam. His friendly signs are Mesha, Kadaka, Simha and Vrichika.

So Kadaka, Kanya, Vrichika and Kumbha rashi people will get favourable results due to guru Peyarchi. Mesha, Rishaba, Mithuna, Thula and Makara rashi people will get average results due to guru peyarchi. So Meenam, Thanusu, Simma rashi people will be affected by this transit.

People belong to these rashi can do parihara (remedial measures) to satisfy jupiter.

Donate yellow coloured clothes to elders and poor people
Recite navagraha sthothra in Shiva temple
Donate food for Elephant (Jupiters vehicle)

I will give detailed predictions in few days i have enough spare time! Good luck.


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