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Sani Sade Sati - Case study

Longevity (lifespan) and sani (saturn)

In Indian vedic astrology Saturn plays important role in determining longevity or lifespan. Saturn / sani is the karaka planet for one's lifespan. Generally the 8th house in a horsocope chart represents the lifespan of a person. The 3rd bhava also is used for longevity determination.

Maharshi parasara in his Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra gives three different methods / formulae for longevity determination. They are pindayu, Amsayur, Nisargika ayur. In these methods parasar fixed different number of years to the nine planet. The total number of years is 120. According to the placement of planets friendly signs, enemy signs, exaltation rashi, debiliation rashi some years are deducted for each planet. The result will give the 'paramayul' or total lifespan. Generally these methods are not accurate. Maharshi recommeds to look for maraka dasha (Death inflicting dasha) and bukthi and improve the accuracy.

The maraka planets (death inflicting planets) are the lords of 2nd and 7th bhava. I have already told that the 3rd and 8th bhavas represent longevity. 2nd and 7th are twelfth to 3rd and 8th respectively. The 12th (vyaya bhava) house is house of loss. So 2nd and 7th are loss to 3rd and 8th respectively. So consider the lord of 2rd and 7th, their dasa and antardasha periods.

Here is the case study: The person was born on 07-october-1953 05:05 AM IST. The birth location is 'Coimbatore, Tamilnadu'. Here is the birth chart of the native,

This person was born in Kanya lagna and kanya rashi. You shoud note that sani was in second house. That means the person was running sade sati at the time of birth. There is a common belief that during the third cycle of sani sade sati the person will experience great difficulties in life and he may even die.

The person died on 1st december 2009. He was through the third cycle of sani sade sati. The saturn the keeper of one's karmic balance knows when to give him death. In this case the third cycle of sani sade sati brought death to the native. He was in the second 2 and half year period. The sade sati started when saturn occupied simma rashi (leo sign). During september 2009 saturn transited to kanya rashi (virgo sign). After just three month after the transit the native died suddenly of cardic failure (He already have heart problem, and taking medicines). His current vimsottari dasa is that of sani (Saturn major dasa). His current antara bukthi is that of budha (Mercury). Mercury is the lord of the 2nd house and maraka planet for this person. So the person died during Saturn maha dasa and mercury bukthi. In other words he died during the third cycle of sani sade sati and during saturns major period and also sub-period of the maraka planet mercury. What a perfect combination?

The person was a relative to me. He experienced many struggles during the past two years. His wife is suffering from diabetes and kidney failure. His elder daughter is mentally retarded. He is the only financial support to his family. His sudden departure is a great shock to his family. I would have warned him i had seen his horoscope before. Is it possible to avoid death, that is written in the horoscope chart. Who knows? Can we avoid the fate? Nobody knows. Is there any remedies to avoid death? This is a huge subject that must be discussed in detail. We will see this is another post.


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