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Heart Disease and Horoscope

Heart ailments and Horoscope

According to 'Kala Purush Thathva' the twelve signs of the zodiac ranging from Aries to Pisces represents parts of the human body from Head to Foot. For example Aries represents the head and the organs in head.

The discussion here is Heart, the important organ in human body. How can you identify the ailments to heart and the cure? Heart is represented by the sign, Cancer (Kadakam). So look at this sign to predict the health of your heart.

If planet Saturn is placed at Cancer, it is an indication that the native will suffer from some kind of heart ailment. I have found this to be true with some real time examples. My friend (a computer technician) have Saturn in cancer and he underwent coronary angioplasty two years ago. In his case the disease was severe and he underwent immediate surgery. My brother too have Saturn in cancer and he too had some complications last year. But the doctor ruled out any significant threat. In essence an afflicted / badly posited Saturn will cause troubles. If the Saturn is posited and is benefic to ascendant (lagna) it won't do harm, is my opinion.

Cancer and Saturn are not definitive indication of heart disease. There may some other factor to be considered. The karaka planet, the lagna, the 6th house indicating disease and other factors like planetary aspects and running dasa to accurately predict When Where and How a person will fall ill. We will discuss each in subsequent posts.

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