Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tamil jathakam and Porutham software

For people who want to find the jathaka pourutham, 10 porutham, nakshatra porutham, rasi porutham i have developed 'Astro Guru' Astrology software. The software is used by professional astrologers and individuals who want to find their horoscope match with bride or groom's horoscope. The software will construct the birth horoscope automatically if you input the date and time of birth and place of birth. Nothing else to be done.

It can generate full horoscope with Rashi and Navamsa and other divisional charts like hora, drekkana, charutramsa, panchamsa, dasamsa, vimsamsha, sashtiamsa, Bhava chart, Vimshottari dasa, anthar dasa or bukthi, Nirayana longitudes, Upa graha, Star lords and sub lords, Ashtaka varga, Longevity calculation or life span calculation and other predictions.

It can match two horoscopes for marriage compatibility. You need to give girls birth deatils and boys birth details. The software will calculate nakshatra porutham / match, sevvai dosham, rahu dosham, dasa santhi and more. You don't need an astrologer to marriage match.

If you need the software, feel free to mail me.


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