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Tamil Horoscope

Tamil Horoscope

What is a horsocope? Why Tamil Horoscope to be written manually?

A horoscope is a snapshot of space time or snapshot of nine planets (westerners count Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also) at the time of a persons birth. Using the horoscope chart, the events in the life time of the native can be predicted by a skilled and experienced astrologer.

Tamil Horoscope Graphic

In Tamil Nadu mostly thirukanitham or Lahiri method is used for ayanamsa calculation. Where as in southern parts of Tamil Nadu Vakiya panchangam is used. Vakiya is the older method to calculate planetary positions. Ancient rishis using their dhivya thristi found the formulas to calculate positions in this vakiya method. Thirukanitham uses latest scientific calculations of planet positions. In Thirunelvli pambu (snake) panchangam is used.

Ok. Nowadays shopisticated computer softwares are available to cast a horoscope. These computer horoscopes are highly accurate and reliable, no doubt. But they can not predict your future. They can not interpret the chart. Only a skilled astrologer can do that. An astrologer can predict using Dasa system (usually Vimshottari dasa) and Gochar (Transit positions) of planets. Exact and true prediction can be given on Education, Marriage, Profession, Medical Advice, Foreign occupation and so on.

Our panel of expert astrologers can cast Tamil Horoscope and give life time predictions. These will be handwritten in hardbound notebook to keep for lifetime. This is an excellent companion and guide. It will guide you What to do? When to do? and How to do? various important decisions in life.

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