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Saturn Transit 2009 (Sani peyarchi 2009)

According to 'Thirukanitha panchangam' on 09th September, 2009 at 10:34 pm, Saturn (Saneeswar) changes sign in the zodiac, enters Virgo from Leo sign. This ‘rashi pravesh’ is considered significant in astrology as it will bring about major changes in lives of individuals. Saturn (sani) stays in a rashi (sign) for about two and half years. Benefits of Sani Peyarchi changes from according to their birth rashi (moon sign).

According to ‘Vakiya Panchangam’ (The oldest almanac conceived by ancient Indian, Tamil Jyotish experts) Virodhi Year (Tamil), Puratasi Month, 10th Saturday (26th august, 2009) at 3.22 PM saneeshwar (lord Saturn) enters kanya rashi (sign libra), exactly Uthiram 2nd quarter.

You may have noticed the difference of time in Thirukanitha and Vakiya method. There is about 17 days of difference between the two methods. However it is not significant as Saturn stays for about 2.5 years in a sign and its effect will be visible only after 3-4 months after entering a rashi.

In general Saturn is considered and inauspicious, evil and bad planet. That is not entirely true for all. People are afraid about ‘Elarai Nattu Sani’ (The rashi where Saturn is posited and the rashi next to it and the rashi previous to it. These three signs are affected by Elarai nattu sani, as a rashi suffers for seven and half years due to sani effects)

Here is the table / chart depicting Saturn’s placement for 12 Signs of zodiac.

Sign - position - aspects

Mesha (Aries) – 6th – 3,8 and 12
Rishabh (Taurus) – 5th – 2,7 and 11
Mithunam (Gemini) – 4th – 1,6, and 10 (Arthastama sani)
Kadakam (Cancer) – 3rd – 5,9 and 12
Simmam (Leo) – 2nd – 4,8, and 11 (kudumba sani)
Kanni (Virgo) – 1st – 3,7 and 10 (Janma shani)
Thulam (Libra) – 12th – 2,6 and 9 (Viraya shani, Elarai Nattu Sani)
Vrichikam (Scorpio) – 11th – 1,5 and 8
Danush (Saggitarius) – 10th – 4,7 and 12
Makaram (Capricorn) – 9th – 3,6 and 11
Kumbam (Aquarius) – 8th – 2,5 and 10 (Ashtama sani)
Meenam (Pisces) – 7th – 1,4 and 9

For example for Mesha rashi Saturn is posited at 6th house and aspect the 3rd, 8th and 12th houses.

Ok. Now the questions arise, which rashi is benefited by this Saturn transit? What are the effects of this Saturn transit? When will I experience those effects? How to appease the planet lord Saturn to get good results?

Saturn Transit Results 2009


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