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Navaghraha Temples in Tamilnadu

In astrology the 9 planets sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, rahu and kethu are called navagraha (nava means 9). The sthala or temples of these 9 planets are situated near kumbakonam and myladuthurai.

People should pray these planet gods in order get theri blessing and reduce their malefic effects.

5 of these temples are situated on the northern side of kaveri bank. 4 temples are situated south of the kaveri bank. Suriyana koil, Kanjanur, Thingalur, Thiru Alangudi, Thirnageswaram are situated in kumbakonam.Vaitheeswaran koil, Keelaperumpallam, Thiruvenkadu and Thirunellaru temples are situated near myladuthurai.

For thingalur, thirualangudi and kanjanur has less transport and bus facilities. These are rural areas and doesn't have adequate boarding and lodging facilities. It is best to arrange a separate tourist vehicle to visit all temples.

Given below is the distance in kilometer from kumbakonam.
Thirualangudi (Guru / jupiter) - 17 kms - PH: 04374 269407
Thingalur (chandra / moon) - 30 kms - PH:
Suriyanar koil (Surya / sun) - 15 kms - PH: 0435 247349
Kanjanur (Sukra / venus) - 12 kms - PH: 0435 2473737
Thirunageswaram (Rahu) - 6kms - PH: 0435 2463354
Vaitheeswaran koil (sevvai / mars) - 53 kms - PH: 04364 279423
Thiruvenkadu (budhan / mercury) - 50 kms - Phone: 04364 256424
Keelaperumpallam (kethu) - 44 kms - Phone: 04364 2755222
Thirunallar (sani / saturn) - 38 kms - phone: 04368 236530

For parihara / dosha you should visit these tempels on the auspicious day of the planet. Thirunallar will get thousands of devotees during sani peyarchi. saturn will transit from simma (leo) rasi to kanni (virgo) raasi on 10th september 2009. So this will affect the prospects of many people.
This transit will be good for Mesha (Aries), Kadaka (Cancer), Vrishika (Scorpio) rashisTransit will be bad for Rishaba (Taurus), Thanush (Saggittarius), Makara (Capricorn), Meenam (Pisces). For these rashis bad and good effects are mingled for two and half yearsBad for Mithuna, simma, kanni, thula and kumba rasi people. For specific nakshatra and rasi prediction will be available in my next posts. So keep visiting the site.

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