Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nakshatra Predictions (General) - Pushyami (female)

These are general nakshatra prediction. For yearly predictions i will make a separate entry for nakshatra palankal (predictions) 2009. This applies to female nakshatra

1. Physical Features: She has a short stature, moderate complexion, well-proportioned face and body. Generally handsome

2. Character and general events: She will not enjoy peaceful existence. She has a very amicable character and is peace-minded, very submissive to the elders but oppressed by all. She is sincere, affectionate but moody. She is religious and god fearing. Respects her elders. She is conservative. Does systematical and methodical action

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: She may have income from land and buildings. She may be employed in a job where maximum trust is required e.g. Private Secretaries, Secret departments of a country. She may also have income from Agriculture

4. Family Life: Even though she is 'Pativrata' (attached to won husband only) she is quite often mistaken by her husband for her moral character. This situation can be avoided if she keeps a little control and restriction over her husband by sheding away her shyness and her outward expression is made clear to her husband and others. Reasons for most of the turmoil in her life is mainly attributable to what she thinks inside and what she expresses outside. She wants to say a lot of things but she is prevented by her inherent quality of shyness, which often misleads others, and a negative opinion is formed about the native. She will have good duty bound children

5. Health: She will have respiratory problem. She is prone to tuberculosis, ulcers, breast cancer, and jaundice, eczema, bruises in the breast or gastric ulcer

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