Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nakshatra Predictions (General) - Purva Ashadha (female)

These are general nakshatra prediction. For yearly predictions i will make a separate entry for nakshatra palankal (predictions) 2009. This applies to female nakshatra
1. Physical features: She is extremely beautiful. Her almond eyes play the role of a magnet. Long nose and graceful look, fair complexion, brown coloured hair

2. Character and general events: She is intelligent. She has energy, enthusiasm, vigor and vitality. Hence she is greedy and aspiring for everything. However she is not obstinate. She can attain more success when adverse conditions prevail. She will weigh the merits and demerits of each case and come to a final decision after deep consideration. She will speak out what she feels is right whether others will digest it or not. She will be fond of dogs and other pet animals. She makes promises but will not be fulfilled. Tendency of hatred towards her parents and brothers has been noticed. She will be leader among her relations. A determined, truthful character

3. Education, sources of earnings / profession: Generally females born in this Nakshatra are educated. She may be a teacher, bank employee or attached to religious institutions. If mercury is also placed with Moon, she may earn as a publisher or writer

4. Family life: She is very good in household activities. When the age goes by, she develops more and more attachment to her husband, with the result her life becomes more and more happier. Benefit from the children will be to a limited extent only

5. Health: Her health will generally be good. In addition to the diseases mentioned in the case of male natives above, she will have acute disorder of the womb and uterus. Problems connected with thighs.

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