Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nakshatra Predictions (General) - Magha (female)

These are general nakshatra prediction. For yearly predictions i will make a separate entry for nakshatra palankal (predictions) 2009. This applies to female nakshatra

1. Physical features: A most beautiful and attractive feature. If Saturn aspects Moon in this Nakshatra, she will have long bunch of hair

2. Character and general events: While she is fond of quarreling and anger is at her nose, she is charitable, god fearing. She will enjoy royal comforts. She can attain mastery over both house-hold and official activities. She is religiously much inclined. Whenever somebody is in trouble she will help them without any selfish motive

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: If Jupiter is also placed in this Nakshatra, she will be employed in a very high position or she will be like a queen i.e. her marriage will be with a wealthy person

4. Family life : One of the drawbacks for the female native born in this Nakshatra is that she invites friction in the family, make conflict between her husband and in-laws, resulting in mental torture for everybody in the family. This mental tendency must be curbed for a happy family life. She will have good children, preferably the first will be a son and next two daughters

5. Health: Her eyes may be affected. Blood disorders, uterine trouble and hysteria. She may also have jaundice.

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