Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nakshatra Predictions (General) - Chitra (female)

These are general nakshatra prediction. For yearly predictions i will make a separate entry for nakshatra palankal (predictions) 2009. This applies to female nakshatra

1. Physical features : She has a beautiful envious body. She will be tall with equally matched fleshy body. While she has natural long hair, she in the modern world will have a cut hair

2. Character and general events : Her eagerness for excess of freedom and unrespectable behavior makes problems still complicated. She is proud for no merits. A veracious and sinful, laziness. She will have very few friends. Commits sinful deeds

3. Education, sources of earnings / profession : She will have her education in science subjects. She may be a nurse or a model or a film actress. If planets are not well or moderately placed, she may be employed in agricultural field

4. Family life : Unless the horoscope of a female native is compared properly there is likelihood of death of the partner, divorce or complete absence of pleasure from the husband. In some cases, childlessness is also noticed. She is advised to observe the remedial measures mentioned at the end of this mentioned at the end of this chapter for a happy existence.

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