Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nakshatra Predictions (General) - Anuradha (Female)

These are general nakshatra prediction. For yearly predictions i will make a separate entry for nakshatra palankal (predictions) 2009. This applies to female nakshatra

1. Physical features: Her face is innocent looking. Even an ugly looking woman with beautiful waist is attracted to man. Whereas, in the Anuradha native, in addition to her attractive face and beautiful body her beautiful waist is further added to her attraction to males

2. Character and general events: There is no room for arrogance in her life. She is pure hearted. She does not believe a life of fashion whereas she likes to lead a simple life. A selfless, agreeable and attractive disposition. She can shine well in social and political field. She will respect her elders. Her friends will cordon her as if she is the head of friend's circle

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: She will be more interested in music and fine arts. She may obtain an academic degree or high degree of knowledge in music or dance. Professional dancers are also found to have been born in this Nakshatra

4. Family life: She is very much devoted to her husband and observes religious norms. She can be called as a model mother as far as upbringings of her own children are concerned. Her devotion to her in-laws pours further glory in her personal life

5. Health: She may suffer from irregular menses. Severe pain will be felt at the time of bleeding, as the flow of spoiled blood will be quite intermittent. In some cases it has been told that, after appearance of monthly menses, there will be break for some hours or for one or two days before commencing actual flow. She may also suffer from headache, nasal catarrh.

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