Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Matching stars for Male born in pooratadhi 4th pada

Nakshatra porutham table (Marriage Match chart) :

Given below is the matching female nakshatras for the male nakshatra. This chart give fairly accurate match in terms of percentage. All pathu poruthams Dhinam, Ganam, Yoni, Rasi, Rasi athipathi, Rajju, Mahendra, Sthree theerkam, Vasiyam, Vethai are considred for this porutham chart. Apart nakshatra match you have to analyse both boy and girls horsocopes, check sevvai dosham, rahu dosham and dasa santhi before considering marriage. This chart has only matching girl (bride) nakshatras for the above boy (groom) nakshatra and its match score in percentage.
Note: Nakshatra Names are given in Tamil. You can find corresponding name in Hindi

Mathicng Female / girl Nakshatras table:
Bharani - 61%
Karthikai 2,3,4 quarters - 55%
Rohini - 73%
Mrigashrish 1,2 pada - 70%
Mrigashrish 3,4 - 67%
Poosam - 73%
Maham - 78%
Pooram - 64%
Chithirai 1,2 - 52%
Visakam 4 - 52%
Anusham - 67%
Pooradam - 55%
Uthiradam 1 - 66%
Uthiradam 2,3,4 - 82%
Thiruvonam - 79%
Avittam 1,2 - 67%
Pooratathi 4 - 79%
Uthiratathi - 94%
Revathi - 82%


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