Saturday, May 2, 2009

Astrology, an introduction

In this astrology A to Z blog i try to explain what is astrology, how its used to interpret the life of an individual, differences between western and indian (vedic) astrology. I have acquired some knowledge over the years about this ancient science. There are various misconceptions and beliefs that mislead common man in his pursuit of future. Foretelling future is a wonderful art that can be accomplished by the study of horoscope chart.

I will explain the methods of casting horoscope chart, effects of various planets, nature of various rashis(zodiacal signs), effects of nakshatra constellations and much more. I give emphasis on Mahadasha predictions. Mahadasha in vedic astrology is period ruled by various (nine) planets. Based on the moon's position at the time of birth different planets rule certain period in life. Events during that period depends on the strength and nature of the ruling planet. Gochar (Transit of planet) is another method of interpretation. I will also explain various planetary yogas. Yogas are formed by certain planetary combinations. Yoga may be favorable or unfavorable depending on the planets participate.

I will also offer consultation service in astrology. I offer Matchmaking, Horoscope and more.

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